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New drug for hepatitis C

American scientists have developed a cure for hepatitis C which successfully passed the second phase of clinical trials, in order to verify its effectiveness.

The results of studies indicate that a fixed dose of the drug can cure the majority of patients infected with first genotype of hepatitis C.

Hepatitis C is a viral disease that affects the liver and can lead to cirrhosis and death. This disease is treatable, but applied now medicines do not act in all patients and cause side effects. There are six types of hepatitis C virus. Most common in the U.S. is first genotype. It can’t be cured in substantial number of patients.

Eric Lawitz from the University of Texas at San Antonio and his colleagues have developed a new drug that is a combination of drugs sofosbuvir and ledipasvir suppressing virus replication. The drug has already passed the first (for safety and side effects) of the three phases of standard clinical trials and now scientists have completed the second phase – the effectiveness of the drug tested in patients.

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