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How to treat Genital Herpes effectively with Generic Valtrex

It may be very disturbing having Genital Herpes. It can be induced because of weak immune system. The main problem is that you should get effective and continuous cure. If you are among the individuals who requires to treat your problem, you can talk about Valtrex with your doc. Valtrex is a very efficient antiviral drug that works quickly to erase the grow of the Genital Herpes in your organism. Your health care provider may prescribe effective dose of Valtrex based on the illness.

valtrex boxValtrex – trade name for the generic pill called valacyclovir and is a prescription medicine assisting control diseases related to the herpes. Valacyclovir is not a medication for these sicknesses. First of all, Valtrex helps to hold down the virus and suspend its distribution. If you immune system is good, administrating Valacyclovir can guarantee inhibitory treatment, abate the expectation of spreading the virus and help manage extant outbreaks.
The Food and Drug Administration approved antiviral drug Generic Valtrex 18 years ago. At the present time a lot of companies realize this medicine under many trade names. This cure is sold only with your physician’s script. It is manufactured as pills, containing either 500mg or 1000 mg of valacyclovir. Valtrex may also be prepared as an suspension. It is important to abide your doc’s dosing precept.

Valtrex Interaction With Alcohol

Strictly speaking, there is no any direct precautions for drinking alcohol during treatment with Valtrex. Valtrex and alcohol metabolism proceeds by different schemes, and its efficacy is based on the formation of metabolites that are directly involved in cellular processes, without stimulation of interferon.

Much more important is not the problem of compatibility of the drug with alcohol, but the consequences of the use of both. According to the annotations, typical side effect after taking it are headache, nausea. Also, there may be disorders of the nervous system in the form of excitation or inhibition, with unsteadiness of gait, hallucinations and light disturbances of consciousness.

Even at first sight it is clear that the side effects of Valtrex are similar to the manifestations alcoholic intoxication, and the combination of these symptoms is tolerated quite hard. The background of such a state of health may require additional drug therapy – headache treatment, but it is a problem of compatibility of Valtrex with alcohol and other drugs.

In fact, combine taking any medications with alcohol is not good idea. It is not known what will be the individual reaction to such a mixture, and since both alcohol (especially wine) and Valtrex can give an allergic reaction or intolerance expressed by other clinical symptoms, it is difficult to predict the consequences.

Between taking Valtrex and the use of alcohol must be at least three hours brake, and between alcohol and Valtrex – at least 6-8 hours.

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